7 Tips for Picking a Makeup Artist for your Wedding Day

A wedding can be a once in a lifetime event, so it’s normal to make it grand. You perhaps decide to be the planner. Maybe, you’re done with the catering, location, dress, giveaways. So, what’s next? 

Of course, you want to stand out from your bridesmaids and guests. You also want to look stunning during that special day and hiring a makeup artist can come into play. 

However, with the number of options to choose from, it can be challenging to make the right decision. Worry no more! You have come to the right place! 


1. Plan Out Everything Ahead


Finding a makeup artist can be easy because of many choices. But the truth is that the process can be a daunting task. To save your time and reduce hassles, plan out everything beforehand. 

About a few months before that big day, take down notes of makeup artists, including their works. If you have attended a wedding and you fell in love with the makeup style, ask the names of the artists. Then, do some research on their portfolio to evaluate whether or not they are an impressive solution. 

You can also ask your friends for some referrals. But don’t heavily rely on their recommendations. Do your homework. Start assessing their experience and knowledge online. 


2. Reviews are Important


Makeup artists have a track record of success, and it’s important to read reviews from their past clients. You can participate or even read comments on any bridal forums to get an idea about your perfect match.

From there, you can make a list of the top makeup artists that you should meet in person. During your interview, make sure to ask relevant questions. Aside from their expertise, observe how they act. Be cautious and don’t be tempted to hire a professional that provide the cheapest services. Be more willing to spend a few bucks. Although it can be expensive at first, the results are worth the cost. Therefore, an unexpected and stunning transformation awaits you. 


3. Give It a Shot 


Before laying down their down payments, car buyers request a test run. When you’re in search of a makeup artist, do the same way. Ask for a trial session if necessary. 

Imagine you suffer from severe allergies during that special day. Of course, your dream celebration will be a nightmare. To avoid any mess and problems, request for a trial session. After all, your skin is as imperative as your wedding. 

During the sessions, bring a photo of makeup look you like. That way, you can give the makeup artist an idea about what you prefer. Also, don’t forget to schedule a whole day shoot. Be sure you do it indoors and outdoors to know how your makeup lasts. Furthermore, don’t forget that trials are free. So, take advantage of it. 


4. Spend Time to Assess their Products 


Some makeup artists stick to a specific brand of makeup. Whether you don’t like the consistency of the product or you have skin concerns, you can discuss swapping them for other safe options. 

If you don’t examine their kit and your skin develops rashes an hour before the wedding, it can be a significant discomfort. To avoid that, test the makeup of your chosen professional artist. It can be helpful from start to finish. 


5. Don’t Forget Your Entourage 


After assessing the brands that your choice use, what’s next? Your job does not stop there! It’s now time to factor in makeup for your family members, special guests, and bridesmaids. Speak to your makeup artist and be sure they include it in the cost. 

As a client, let your option know how many people will be needing their services. That way, they can decide whether or not they need to bring their assistant. This is particularly imperative if you have a big entourage. 

For example, you have a family of fourteen. You might need to hire supporting makeup artists to help your guests look stunning while your makeup artist attends to you. 


6. Get to Know Your Choices Personally 


You probably have a talented makeup artist in your list. But what if they are hard to deal with? Don’t endure the hassles of working with that professional. A makeup artist that has a good attitude is what you deserve. 

Well, there are many seasoned makeup artists. But not all are comfortable to work with. So, it is necessary to select someone approachable and experienced. When you don’t like any aspect of the agreement, be straightforward. Speak with a service provider honestly. Don’t hold back and be professional. 

When most of your choices seem like they lack 100% customer service, start again. Do extensive research as if nothing happens. It’s quite time-consuming and overwhelming. But the results will be worth it. 


7. Prepare Your Skin


Now that you have a seasoned makeup artist, it does not mean you don’t have things to do. One of the most important routines you shouldn’t forget is to prepare your skin. 

Imagine you have swollen lips or unwanted red eyes on that special day. That will be a big problem. To avoid those unexpected problems, be cautious with the linen you use. Not only that, eat lightly. You can even cut salt from your diet to look refreshing and young. A little mistake can be big especially when you only have an hour to fix it. 

Also, never test out new skincare brands a few weeks before the wedding. Plus, avoid new drinks or foods. Although you’re craving for it, control yourself. Be careful so that you can achieve your dream wedding. 

So, now that you know how to pick a makeup artist for your wedding day, what are you waiting on? Choose the one that has the right experience and don’t look further than our company. More than the years of experience, we take great pride in our competitive prices. For more information, please feel free to give us a call today! We’re happy to serve you! 


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